Management consulting with

cavernous industry


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Management consulting with

cavernous industry


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Management consulting with

cavernous industry


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Our consultants have long and vast experience from business development, executive leadership and technical challenges respectively. We will happily assist you in a specific business case or in your overall strive for excellence.


Concieo Consulting is a management, accounting and technical consulting company with caverous industry know-how founded in 2004. We work with our clients mainly within IT & Telecom, helping them become more efficient and optimizing their performance. Our customers are for the most part in the Öresund region, Sweden, but also internationally through partner firms.

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The Key Features of our Job

Management Consulting

Concieo Consulting is able to assist its clients with their operational, financial and project management needs.

We work closely with each firm’s key employees to learn about their respective internal operating systems. In this process we will develop a customized approach and make recommendations for improvements in your business operability and offer assistance with the implementation of each activity.

Business Development

A successful business understands their performance and competitiveness and has goals that are clearly thought-out to drive their business forward.

This is based on defining a clear strategic direction with short-term goals that are most importantly achievable, realistic and time-based. Concieo Consulting helps both new and long-established companies through the essential process of strategic planning, management change and growth.


The accountants at Concieo Consulting will help you manage your books so that you can focus on your business.

Among our services you will find everything from qualified revision and accounting to counseling services based on our business know-how. Our quality and cost effective financial services helps you to focus on your core competencies and achieving operational excellence. Having accurate accounting of your books will allow you to make more informed decisions concerning your business. We use the Visma SPCS softwares to assure our clients the top most quality service with great flexibility that suits many types of businesses.

Programming & Software dev

We have a highly qualified development team that specializes in software development for both mobile and desktop environments.

Whether you are a large corporation with your in-house software development staff that needs another talent or an independent software vendor that needs to attract more attention on the global market, Concieo can provide you with some of the sharpest software minds.

About us

Concieo Consulting AB is a company focusing on business development and management consulting. Our consultants have long experience from the IT and Telecom arena and are helping high-tech companies in the Öresund region with professional leadership and management.


Please feel free to ask for a complete profile of any of our consultants. Concieo Consulting helps our clients with everything from daily management issues to expertise in certain business cases. In addition, we offer advanced technical experts in the areas of telecom and IT. We will happily assist you in a specific business case or in your overall strive for excellence.


Concieo is open to join forces with other specialists in order to offer the market the best mix of competences. If you believe Concieo can enhance your market offer or if we as a team are stronger, please apply to join the Concieo Affiliate Program.



works with supply management, technology and outsourcing services to clients worldwide in different sectors such as Automotive, Life Science and Telecom. They employ some 60 000 people worldwide.

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is a consultant company that specializes in providing experts with many years experience of mobile telecommunications and contiguous technical areas. They primarily work with software design, development, and system test.  


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